Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Time for Photos

Sitting here at our fan table between the Art Show and Dealers Room in a hallway that almost never slowed down, we got to see lots of great fursuit-type costumes. Alas, we were so busy talking to people that I hardly had time to snap any photos. One group in costumes from Cats posed in a group near our table, and I had the presence of mind to grab my camera. I didn't have much time, however, as they were blocking traffic and I had time for only one shot before the opportunity passed.

I did post a photo of our Westercon SJ2011 bid table on our Meet Us page of con appearances.

Just as I started to think it was time I had some lunch, I realized it was time for the fursuit parade. I took up station standing behind our table and filmed the entire parade, which I will upload when I have the chance to cut it into two or three pieces. Besides, just near the end, my camera announced that the batteries were about to fail. I quickly switched batteries only to end up filming the last minute or so. Had I realized there were that few paraders left, I expect the batteries would have lasted that long. And if I'd really been thinking ahead, I would have brought the camera's AC adapter and Cheryl's unipod to make it easier to hold the camera still while filming. So now I need to edit things together before posting them.
Tags: further confusion, westercon

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