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I Wake Up Around Seven, Get Outta Bed Around Nine...

It's just as well that I only bought a one-day membership to FurCon and am not going back today. (Although in retrospect it would have been easier on lisa_marli if I'd come today rather than yesterday, as we had a surplus of helpers yesterday, but never mind.) Despite repeated hand-washing and applications of sanitizer, and not eating any of the party food (I actually brought my own lunch to save money), I woke up with sniffles this morning. I hope it's not a bad cold.

I bailed out of FurCon before 10 PM, as I was already feeling tired and I needed to allow enough time to to drive home. When I got home, I switched on the Australian Open coverage, and saw that Roger Federer was down two sets to someone I'd never heard of. What the heck was that? But that did mean that I was home in time to see the comeback.

I fell asleep not too long after seeing Federer show why you can never count him out. Today was the first time in quite a while that I didn't have to set an alarm. So of course I woke up about three minutes before my alarm normally goes off anyway. I did stay in bed dozing for a couple of hours though, and thus the (mis-)quote in the title of this post.

It's a really lovely day out there, blue sky and partly cloudy and breezy. I really should get out and about, but I feel so wrung out that I have trouble finding any enthusiasm for doing anything but going back to bed.
Tags: further confusion, health, tennis

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