Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Unclear on the Concept

Illinois' probably-about-to-be-ex-governor, if I understand it correctly, is complaining about the lack of due process for his impeachment trial and is calling it a "political trial" as if that made it illegitimate. Hello? Impeachments are political trials, by definition! They aren't criminal or civil court proceedings. The only penalty they impose is removal from office. So of course the trial isn't subject to the same procedural rules as judicial procedings!

I heard on the radio that there was some form of appeal from the verdict the state senate reaches. That seems odd to me. Because impeachment is a political trial, it seems to me that there really should be no appeal possible for someone impeached and removed from office by the legislature. After that, the only "appeal," such as it is, would be to run for office again and let the people override the legislature.
Tags: politics

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