Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Hotel Reservations Open

The Anticipation hotel booking page went online a few hours ago. I think it was probably a few hours earlier than planned; some announcements had said the pages wouldn't go live until 0800 EST, whereas it looks a bit like they went live at 0000 EST instead.

That link above takes you to the hotel booking page, where you enter the dates you want and the number of rooms and guests per room. Click "find lodging" and you'll get a list of hotels with Anticipation's room rates. In order to actually book a room at one of those hotels, you need to then select "View Rooms and Rates," or click on that hotel's name to get more information about it -- you can book the room from either path.

If you need a map to tell you where the hotels are relative to the Palais (convention centre), refer to the hotel locations page on the Anticipation web site.

Generally you don't want to book a room directly with any of the hotels, although I did just notice that the advance purchase (pay now, no refund) rate for the Intercontinental is just slightly less than Anticipation's $175 rate. I don't think saving $3.50/night is worth paying the entire bill up front now with no way of canceling or refunding, though, so I don't recommend the hotel-direct path at all.
Tags: anticipation, hotels, worldcon

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