Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

San Jose Photo Set

I have done no editing or image correction -- or for that matter, culling out unnecessary duplicates or out-of-focus shots -- but I did do some rotation (I may have missed a few) and have at least the basics of my San Jose Downtown Fan's View of things that caught my eye looking around downtown thinking like someone who is visiting from out of town and needs to find things, including:

Parking (including over-height vehicles)
Grocery/Sundry Stores

This list isn't necessarily in priority order. For instance, light rail trains always catch my eye, but I rarely am looking for things to do other than attend the convention; however, I know there seem to be people who want to have lots of reasons to get away from the convention hotel.

What we don't have downtown, and what I wish we had, was a 24-hour restaurant. During ConJose, there were several nights that I got finished so late that the only thing I had to eat was the food from the gift basket the Fairmont and the SJCVB had given me (and Tom) as co-chairs of the convention.

While out on my walk, I found that one of my favorite downtown quick eateries, Ravioli's, has closed. During ConJose, Lisa and I ate there so many times that we filled up a buy-ten-meals-get-one-free card. And by a strange cooincidence, the man who was managing that Ravioli's at ConJose was behind the counter at a Corner Bakery we visited during Denvention Three, and remembered me and Lisa specifically was well as Worldcon generally.

So after spending a day putting many thousands of Standlees on my pedometer (>10K steps Saturday for certain), where did I go to eat? Well, I'm mildly embarrassed to admit to getting chicken and red beans and rice from Popeye's. I'm by myself and it's cheap and fast, and I like their chicken. Besides, I wanted to be done before 6 PM so I could get out of the parking lot before they started charging for parking again.
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