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Closing Ceremonies and Beyond

The Closing Ceremony of CascadiaCon was a low-key affair, with convention Treasurer/Vice-Chair Susan Robinson standing in for Chair Bobbie DuFault, who was dealing with a medical emergency in her family. She started by mentioning GoH Fred Saberhagen and Special Guest Harry Harrison, both of whom were unable to attend due to illness, and we all applauded them. Then she went through the list of special guests and guests of honor, and invited those of us who were still there -- some had left earlier to catch flights -- to speak for a minute. When my turn came, I bounced up on stage and momentarily froze, which drew laughter and applause by itself.

I said, nodding to the person videotaping, "It's a good thing you're videotaping this event, because you just got a rare moment: Kevin Standlee caught speechless!" I thanked CascadiaCon for inviting me, saying, "Most conventions don't invite a Fan Guest of Honor because he'll draw more people to attend. Most of the potential attendees look at the Fan Guest's name and say, 'Who dat?' They invite us to honor us, and I have to say I have been tremendously honored. Thank you all."

After thanking the guests, Susan called onto the stage a representative of the newly-elected 2007 NASFiC, and handed to them the Gavel of NASFiC. This is not the same as the gavel of WSFS, which is a gavel I purchased in 1994 and which has been handed from Worldcon to Worldcon annually, and which ConJose paid to have engraved "World Science Fiction Society." CascadiaCon bought a gavel and is starting a new tradition.

Then Betty Bigelow came on stage and auctioned off a number of signed books and other artifacts for Hurricane Katrina relief. After that, the convention was officially over.

I headed back to my room, changed out of my uniform into my WSFS Armadillo crew polo shirt, and Lisa and I headed down to the lobby, where we met up with David Clark, Vince Docherty, and fr_john. The five of us walked down the street to Sharp's Roaster & Ale House, across from the Doubletree Hotel (home of Norwescon and one of CascadiaCon's overflow hotels). It was nice to have a relaxing dinner with no commitments to follow.

I'm not sure what sort of Dead Dog parties are going on tonight. I guess we'll go find out.

I have 5 hours 45 minutes left on my internet connection here in the hotel, and I'm not sure I want to pay another $9.95 just to be able to check mail and LJ tomorrow morning, so I probably won't check mail or post new messages Tuesday morning or until I get back home Tuesday afternoon. (I have a 12:25 PM flight tomorrow morning.)
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