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More Efficient from Home?

The cold I felt coming on seemed worse when I woke up this morning, so I called in and said I'd work from home today. If I'd really needed to be there in person, I could have done so, but I would have been sneezing over everyone. I'm reasonably functional other than the stuffy head. I settled down to tackle a job that I figured yesterday afternoon would take me all day today, with me delivering results near the end of the day.

Except it only took me about three hours. For a change, every piece of data I wanted was in the place it needed to be, and all of my code worked right the first time I ran it. This never happens.

I sent off the results to the people who wanted them. The only bad thing here is that it left me with not a lot to do, and all of my written notes about the project are at my desk (one of the few reasons it would have been better to be at that desk today). Still, nobody has replied; I think they're all busy on other things today.

Oh, well, I'm not actually running behind or anything; I'm just not getting as much done as I could have done.

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