Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Heading North Again

In a few minutes, I'm shutting down the computer and wandering over to the Centerville train station to catch the 12:49 train to Oakland. Thanks to Horizon having moved their flight times a bit, I'm getting to the airport much too early; fortunately, the wi-fi at OAK is now free, so I can get back online while waiting for my 4:40 flight to Portland.

Breakfast this morning consisted of remaining leftovers. I over-estimated food purchases last weekend and found myself with food that either needed to be eaten or thrown away, because it would not be good for me to return in two weeks and find that the leftovers had evolved into sentient life forms and taken over the apartment.

I tried out one of those Space Bags for part of my packing. They do work, and they to make my shirts pack more cleanly in my luggage. Not surprisingly, they do not work as dramatically as in the commercials, but that's because my clothing is not a bunch of super-fluffy sweaters. Also, there's a minor drawback that if I shrink the volume my clothes take up, I'm apt to pack more stuff to fill the available volume, and my luggage is almost certainly sitting right at 50 pounds, what with other things like books and video tapes I'm taking with me (one way) to Oregon. If I'm slightly over-weight, though, I think I can take out a couple of things and put them in my computer bag.

As is my usual paranoia when traveling away from home base to work away from home, I have two separate computers plus a disk-image backup of my primary machine's hard drive that I took last night. Each of these things is in a separate bag. I don't want to find myself away from home having promised to work remotely and then find myself unable to get any work done.
Tags: travel

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