Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lisa Goes to a Convention

....but not the usual sort of convention. This morning, I got Lisa up early so she could drive to Portland to attend the Cascade Mountain Video Show, an annual trade show for people in the video industry. She was there on behalf of Tsuki Systems, her video-production business.

Lisa says:
"The show was far better attended than anyone might have assumed, considering the poor economic conditions. I spent the day talking to lots of different vendors and users. One high point of the day was suggesting a new type of wireless microphone system that two of the major vendors apparently have never thought of. If I ever see a wireless mic system of the type I suggested, I'll feel I added something to the industry.

"One interesting part of about the video show is finding so many professionals who share my feelings about new equipment being Too Shiny or having Too Many Superfluous Features. Contrary to the typical consumer, many professionals are more concerned with how rugged a device is and how many years of service they can get out of it.

"I had a long conversation with, of all things, a manufacturer of rack panels. How high-tech can a rack panel get? Well, you'd have to ask a place called Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.. After a long fun conversation, they gave me a Lovely Parting Gift: a bag of rack-panel mounting screws. Seriously, this is useful. I have built my own rack panels to mount many of my pieces of video equipment. If money ever allowed, I would cheerfully spend a lot of money with these people.

"For people who have met me and think I am some sort of Luddite (a term I loathe), you should know that I like to pick and choose the tech I think is best. Therefore, rather than Luddite, I much prefer the description 'Amish 2.0.'

"After a long day and a nice (included) lunch, I returned home to my favorite boy."

After having dinner, we went out for a walk. Unfortunately, what had been the typical light drizzle turned into a very strong downpour while we were away from the trailer. We headed over to Lisa's father's house to get online and dry out by the wood stove.
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