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Dropping Anchors

This afternoon, the rain relented a little bit, so while I was "at the office," Lisa went to work on doing more to secure the trailer's shelter to the ground so that winds are less likely to blow the roof off.

This turnbuckle is connected at the top to the awning support and at the bottom to a long threaded bolt driven deep into the ground.

You can just make out the turnbuckle to the left of the 55-gallon drum in the center of this photo. Lisa says, "You can really feel the difference now! It doesn't move at all." She'll install more anchors as time, energy, and weather permits.

It's a relief to get some of these jobs done. Unfortunately, it has rained (or like this morning, snowed and hailed) almost every day I've been here, which has made things challenging. The current weather forecast says that the only clear day coming up is tomorrow afternoon, with rain for the weekend. I'll see if I can get away early on Friday, even if it means working over the weekend.
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