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More Sawing Logs

Yesterday, after getting out the electric chainsaw and setting up for work, Lisa decided that she'd better do the actual cutting.

And so it was that Lisa wielded the chainsaw while I shoved tree branches into position for her to cut. I also loaded them into the little rolling cart and hauled them over to the wood shed. After a while we got quite a routine going, with her coming over to help me unload the cart. I think we'll have more than a cord of wood laid in by the time we're done, consisting almost entirely of chopped-up tree branches.

We did a whole bunch more cutting today, at least until the rain started to fall again and it seemed prudent to put the electric chainsaw away. Lisa was very pleased with the whole operation, and thanked me -- it was my idea to buy a light electric chainsaw for this clean-up work, rather than trying to wrestle the heavy, balky, gas-powered one her father has.

We took many other photos yesterday, but I'm way too tired to write more about it tonight. I'll probably post a longer story as a back-dated entry when I get some time in a day or three. Besides, because we were working while the sun shone the rain didn't fall, we haven't gone grocery shopping, so we'll head into town to restock soon.
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