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We Didn't Forget

I cast my own Hugo Awards ballot a couple of days ago. I reminded Lisa this afternoon that if she had anything to nominate this year, today was the last chance. So during one of our breaks from sawing up fallen tree limbs, we fired up the computer, went to the Anticipation web site, and she read off her nominations to me. (She doesn't use an internet-connected computer, nor does she have an e-mail address, so she leaves this all up to me.)

Note to those people convinced that only people that read hundreds of books are "qualified" to nominate: Lisa hasn't read or seen a whole lot this past year. In some categories, she, like I, nominated nothing at all. However, she knows what she likes and nominated those things and people. She understands that it takes the aggregate of all the members' opinions to get a better result. Anyone who has a Worldcon membership and fails to nominate "because I haven't read enough" (as opposed to "because I haven't read anything at all," which isn't the same thing) is doing everyone a disservice. Don't nominate stuff only if you think other people will do so. Nominate the things you like, regardless of what you think other people will think about them.
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