Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Dell Makes Good

As I mentioned here, the keyboard on Lisa's laptop was flexing badly, indicating something was wrong. I figured that at best, this would involve shipping the machine back to Dell for repair, and at worst, they would tell me "pay even more money for us to repair it." Imagine my surprise when they told me that the repaired parts are under warranty, and they'd send someone out to me to repair it on site! I told them to send someone to my office, and the next day (this morning), a technician showed up and fixed it in about ten minutes. One of the plastic bits that holds the keyboard in place was broken, and he replaced the keyboard. (Lisa was concerned that it was the case that was broken, but it was the keyboard, which is apparently a pretty quick fix, because he did it in a flash.) How about that?
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