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The Rental Search

Although I like my current apartment in Fremont, it's costing me over $200/month just in bridge tolls and gas to commute to work (which doesn't take into account wear and tear, just the out-of-pocket cost). So I've been looking around for something closer to my office. A for-rent sign went up at a place that I pass on my daily lunch walk. That would be ideal; I could pay $200/month more rent and still be better off in the bargain. I found a corresponding listing in a local paper so I knew what rent they were asking, and it was only $150/month more than I currently pay. Alas, when I called the number on the sign this morning, they told me, "We just rented it, but hadn't taken the sign down yet." Rats.

My current lease isn't up until April, so even if the place near my office wanted me, they probably wouldn't want to hold something until mid-March. (I can't afford to pay rent on two places for long periods of time; ideally, I'd have about two weeks overlap to do the move.)

Another place nearby also has a for-lease sign on it, but when I investigated, I found that it was $2200/month, which is way too much even with the advantage of being able to walk to work. Oh well, back to looking.

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