Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Catching Up on Chores

I did manage to get out for another walk after brunch (I did sleep in again), with salutary blood sugar effects. dave_gallaher called while I was circling Quarry Lakes and asked if I wanted to get some of the boxes that he and dinogrl no longer needed. I did want those boxes -- I have too many books here and am going to move some to storage, possibly as soon as next weekend when I go to visit my grandfather and mother -- and after I got back home, Dave and I set up a time to meet at his storage locker and transfer boxes. After that, I went over to Jiffy Lube, as I was overdue for an oil change and had a $10 coupon that was about to expire.

The Jiffy Lube people looked cross-eyed at the coupon, claiming that they'd never seen that offer ever before. "That's odd," I said, "because I got it from filling out an offer coupon you people were handing out a few months ago." They did end up honoring it, but it was a drop in the bucket overall, because I was well overdue for two expensive fluid changes, that being radiator and transmission, so the total cost was over $260. Still, it's important to keep the van running, and one way of extending its life is to keep the fluids refreshed.

As I got home, I realized that the weather was just about right to do something I've been meaning to do for quite a while. I have a leaky rear door seal, but do not have the skills (or tools) to fix it myself nor the money to go to a shop and have it fixed. Much of the time it doesn't matter because the van is parked under cover and it's only a problem if I drive a lot in heavy rain; however, I do want to do something about it. Lisa suggested filling up the area that's been leaking with car wax. It won't fix the problem permanently, but it will fill the hole and reduce it for a while. Today the weather was about right to get it done, so I got out and applied wax to the area in question. It's probably just as well that I haven't washed the van in a while, because I might have been tempted to wax the whole van, not just the little bit above and in the rear door seal.

Now it's back to getting supply-chain optimization models to run.
Tags: diabetes, household, van

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