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Kevin Standlee

Best Graphic Story: Questions on Workability

I'm quoted in this posting that calls into question the viability of the Best Graphic Story Hugo Award as currently constituted, and suggests (as far as I can tell) that only printed collections on paper should be eligible.

Graphic Story, like the two Dramatic Presentation and four Written Fiction categories, uses the serialized-work rule, in which multiple parts of the same story presented over time only count after publication of the final part. ajr states that this shouldn't be used for graphic stories, for reasons stated there.

I'm going to close comments on this subject here, because I think would be better if anyone with an opinion on it say so over there where it started.

I do think, speculatively, that an amendment to narrow the scope of Best Graphic Story to apply to only printed-on-paper collections would reduce the scope of the proposed constitutional amendment (by making fewer things eligible) and thus would probably be legal without requiring an additional year of ratification.
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