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Walk Around San Jose Downtown

If you're wondering what the area around the San Jose Westercon bid's proposed site is like, we've posted a video slide show of a walking tour around the area. This is based on photos (and some live video) I took in late January and concentrates on restaurants, shops, and services (plus things like where to park) in the downtown San Jose area centered on the Fairmont Hotel.

I'm particularly sensitive to this issue because one of the complaints I heard during ConJose was that "There's nothing here" on account of if you walked out the front door of the Convention Center, you indeed could not see any restaurants within line of sight. There were and are, however, lots of restaurants in the area; they're just a little bit beyond that first row of buildings blocking your view from the Convention Center. So this video is partially my way of saying, "There are places to eat around here, and here's proof."

And I literally walked the walk here, because aside from driving to the hotel itself -- my van is in one of the shots -- everything here was a result of me walking around with a camera.
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