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Getting Ready to Match the Fannish Stars

Our Match Game SF show is on Friday night of Norwescon, from 9 PM in Evergreen 4, and I've been working off and on this past week trying to get everything ready. I'm fortunate in that I can re-use a bunch of material from SiliCon, there being essentially no overlap between the audiences and panelists. We will play up to six games, and I plan a break after game 3 because (a) I know I need one after three games and (b) when we come back from the break, it's time for Late Nite, and that gives time for people to clear the room of younger fans.

We have a full compliment of prizes, including a Norwescon 33 membership, a $40 Amazon gift card, gift certificates from Springtime Creations and Cargo Cult Books, and our big prize of the Complete Hammers Slammers collection from Night Shade. In addition, we're going to put the copy of Jay Lake's Escapement into every prize package until someone wins it, even if I have to start calling people out of the audience randomly at the end of the show.

There was a touch of miscommunication along the way, so I've had to scramble to fill up the panel, with the result being that we might have too many panelists at the start, but I already planned on having a little bit of panelist rotation, because there is at least one panelist who can only be there for the first game.

I've mostly got everything printed that need printing except the new questions debuting at this show. It's a good thing I don't need to print a lot more new questions, because I appear to have left the blank cards in one of the boxes that went to Oregon and I was hoping to avoid having to buy another package of blank cards when I know I have hundreds of them in stock -- just in the wrong place.
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