Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nearly Done

Forgot one thing -- cutting up large cards into small ones to make blanks for the audience members to fill out. We've finally exhausted the supply of old small cards, so I need to cut down some of the large ones.

Much of what I'm taking with me to Norwescon is stuff I won't need until I'm there, so my luggage is halfway packed already. But I'm still short the Anticipation/Worldcon info pack, which is waiting for me to come collect it at the Sunnyvale Post Office. I do hope I don't put my luggage over weight. My carry-ons are going to be very heavy as it is, what with two computers and some of the Match Game papers I don't think I can put in the checked back because papers are heavy.

I did remember to pick up the train tickets this afternoon when I went for a walk after lunch, so at least I won't be rushing to the train on Thursday afternoon without tickets.
Tags: match game, norwescon, trains, travel
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