Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Stress

It's been a busy day, with the roll-out of the Hugo Awards Logo Contest and some initial teething problems. Within an hour or so of launch, we had someone point out that entries were bouncing, whereupon we realized that we'd typoed our own address as .com instead of .org. I fixed the web site's links and the LJ entries with the press release, and sent out a supplemental announcement following the first press release, while debgeisler put a forward on the .com address (WSFS owns but prefers not to use it) so that entries sent to that address will forward on to the correct one.

I'm the actual person who sent the shotgun-blast press release, and it's a bit nerve-wracking to sit there trying to decide whether I've done everything right and it's safe to hit Send. I wouldn't wanted to have measured my blood pressure when I did so. In a sense, finding the bug with the address was a relief, becuase if that's the only bug, we'll be okay, I think.

Getting to this point has been a difficult process that has taken longer than I wanted, but I'm glad we got this far. And I've had to research and learn about way too many things about which I didn't really want to do. (For example, I now know why so many random-choice contests -- of which our logo design contest is not -- are footnoted "void in Quebec.") Now, fingers crossed that we have a good selection of entries from which the judges can pick. And while we will say that yes, we've already received entries, we won't be saying much about the substance of those entries.

And also, thank you to everyone who has posted encouraging words about the contest and has passed it on to their friends. We want lots of people to know about it so we get lots of entries.
Tags: hugo award, logo contest

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