Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wild Grocery Chase

At about 2 AM this morning, I noted that there were actually multiple empty parking spaces in the lot, so we thought we could risk going out to do our party shopping for tonight. The Doubletree's parking lot is so overloaded by Norwescon that during the day or evening, giving up a parking spot means you probably will never get any space back at all. We'd been reassured that there was a 24-hour Safeway just a short way up International Blvd. We headed south on International, and a couple of miles later found a Safeway -- which closed at 1 AM! We tried going north and found nothing. It was getting on for 3 AM by then, so we gave up.

Once I got down to the table today, I looked it up online and found that there was a 24-hour Safeway, but it wasn't on International, but on Military Road at 164th St -- not really that far away, but you have to know where it is. But now we don't dare move the van. Instead, we probably will use the 174 bus, which runs every 30 minutes, to head down to that first Safeway. There are bus stops in front of our hotel and in front of that grocery store. We should be able to make it work, but it's a hassle, that's for sure. The things we do for fandom....
Tags: lisa, norwescon, westercon

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