Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Grocery Shopping Done

After lisa_marli relieved me from the table, Lisa and I went across the road and had lunch at Jack in the Box. The 174 bus went by while we ate, so we knew we had 30 minutes until the next one, so we walked several stops down the line to get exercise after the fatty, carb-laden fast food. I guess we actually walked maybe one-third of the distance to the Safeway. Our grocery shopping was relatively light -- Lisa had done the heavy stuff, all non-perishable, on the way up. This was for relatively light, perishable stuff like cheese.

Fortunately, the next return bus was only 4 minutes away when we got the to bus stop, and the transfer off the southbound bus could be used to go the other way, so the total cost for the travel was only $3.50.

Lisa sent me back down to the table to do the "closing shift" until 6 PM and to give her a chance to decompress and rest a little bit. I'll then head back and we'll work on room set-up until I have to go to my 8 PM panel, from which I expect to leave early in order to be back in the room by our 9 PM opening. Again, with no internet in the room, I won't be sending any messages during the party.

We asked at the front desk about extending our stay for one more night so that Lisa didn't have to move all her stuff out first thing tomorrow morning, but they will only give us the standard rate of $145, and that's more than we want to pay.
Tags: lisa, westercon

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