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Virtual Vikki

One of the fursuited characters here, at least to my eye, looked a lot like Virtual Vikki, a character created by my friend Richard Hallock. This is sort of spooky to me, because as far as I can tell, Rick and his wife Erlinda, with whom I used to be very close friends until we somehow lost contact with each other, have gafiated entirely. None of the e-mail or paper mail addresses I have for them seem to work, and the last phone number I have for them is disconnected. I happened to run across another mutual friend of theirs here, and he also commented on how Rick and Erlinda have more or less vanished.

Rick was the producer and videographer on the two Doctor Who amateur films I directed. Rick and I flew together and shared a room at Noreascon Three in 1989 (I haven't missed a Worldcon since then). Erlinda and I dated for a bit before she and Rick connected (defintely no hard feelings there; Rick was best man at my wedding, and Erlinda videotaped it for us). The two of them and I were directors of the MythAdventures Fan Club together. But I haven't heard from them in at least two years now. Their interests and mine diverged a bit, as I got more involved with Worldcons and they with furry fandom, and I'd sort of hoped I might run across them here, but it hasn't happened. Rick, Erlinda, if by some chance you run across this message, please contact me! I didn't intentionally cut y'all off; I just got busy with other fannish projects!
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