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Long Day's Journey Into Montreal

It appears that I left San Francisco before Cheryl left London, but she got to Montreal about the time my flight from Detroit left for Montreal, and she had to hang around an extra 90 or so minutes to wait for me. That's because I had two connection (Salt Lake City and Detroit) while she flew direct.

Delta/Northwest appear to have misunderstood "Diabetic Meal" as "Vegetarian Meal" and served me a plate of things I didn't want to eat, with no protein at all. Yuck. And because my two hour connection at DTW turned into a less-than-1-hour connection because they had a mechanical problem and ATC slowed them down on top of that, I didn't have time to get more than some cheese and crackers in the WorldClub. But at least I got to use the WorldClub -- first class to Montreal does still count as "international" and gets you into the club, which meant access to the wi-fi briefly. I'm sufficiently obsessive that I processed two entries for the Hugo Logo Contest that had come in while I was flying from San Francisco and SLC.

I cleared Canadian Customs & Immigration without a problem. I told the officer -- truthfully -- that I was here to attend a planning meeting for a volunteer conference on which I'm helping. He asked for more information and I happily explained about Worldcon. He asked for more information, and I got the impression he was interested in maybe attending. Alas, I didn't have any business cards or other literature for Anticipation with me.

Cheryl was waiting for me outside C&I, and a C$40 taxi ride later, we were at the Holiday Inn Select, which is diagonally across the street from the Palais de Congres, albeit, the opposite end from which we'll be using for Worldcon. My Priority Club Platinum status actually worked this time and we were upgraded to an oversize room -- plenty of space for both of us to spread out and get our computers working. Wi-fi is free in the hotel room, although I can't be sure if it's free for all rooms or just the upgraded Priority Club rooms. I'll have to ask at the front desk.

We didn't bother to unpack, but walked down to the hotel, where tonight's kick-off meeting was just wrapping up. That's just as well, because I was ready to keel over from lack of food. (Living on food bars all day is not really recommended.) Co-chair cyberneticnomad offered to walk Cheryl and me to a good restaurant in Chinatown, which is right next door to our hotel. Other committee members later joined us at the restaurant, La Maison VIP, and we had a good meal at an excellent price -- C$15 each including tax and tip, and I walked away feeling much more human. I note with great pleasure that the restaurant is open until 4 AM. I suspect this won't be the last time I'm here.

After dinner, it was back to the room to dig out from a day's accumulated e-mail. Fortunately, we don't have to be at anything tomorrow until Noon. We both need sleep.

Edit, 18 April 0915: Added name of restaurant, which I couldn't remember when I originally composed the entry.
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