Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Travel Advice: Tell Your Bank You're Traveling

If you are coming to Montreal from a long distance away, it's a good idea to tell your bank that you are doing so. This makes it less likely that they will see you trying to withdraw money from an ATM a long way from home, decide that it is suspicious activity, and lock your card down. I had to spend more than ten minutes on the phone with them -- while Cheryl waited for me to come back so that I could join her, John Mansfield (Anticipation's Fixed Functions division manager), and Ben Levy, (Dealers' Room area head) for dinner -- wading through menus, entering my ATM card number, and answering security questions so that they would turn the card back on. I don't really resent Bank of America for this; the pattern is suspicious. I meant to call them a week ago, but the hold-queue time was something like twenty minutes, and so I gave up, intending to call again, and I never did so again. I did advise my credit card issuer that I'd be on the road in Montreal this weekend and please don't shut off my card.

Edit, 0625: filled in missing name after prodding in comments.
Tags: anticipation, montreal, travel
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