Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Downtown Montreal Groceries, ATMs

I posted a version this on the CoverItLive coverage late last night (coverage continues later this morning with the staff weekend's second general session at 10 AM Eastern), but I'll put it here as well

While Cheryl and I were walking (I was trying to find a ScotiaBank with an ATM not behind a locked door), I noticed that there is an IGA grocery store not far from the Holiday Inn where I'm staying -- in the Complex Desjardins, about 1.3 km (less than one mile) from the Delta hotel. (It's much closer to the Holiday Inn where we are staying.) We didn't have time to go look inside, but it looks like a full-service grocery store. Locals might be able to tell us better, but offhand I could see walking there, buying party supplies, and maybe getting a taxi back to the hotel with them. Not being encumbered by groceries, we simply kept walking toward the Delta.

The ScotiaBank branch was on the corner of Blvd. Rene-Levesque and Rue University, but the door to the ATM cube was locked and wouldn't unlock when I inserted my ATM card. It was not until my search later that afternoon that I realized that there was another bank of ATMs just around the corner (1155 University) to which the door was open. D'Oh!

I don't mean to suggest that ATMs are rare or difficult to find here. They are just as common as any other large city -- including ATMs inside the Palais des Congres. You won't have difficulty finding an ATM in general. I'm just being cheap by seeking out the bank that doesn't impose additional service charges for using the ATM.

In a few minutes, Cheryl and I will walk a couple of blocks up the street to where many members of the staff and committee are gathering for dim sum before we return to the Delta for the second general session.

In passing, I will note that I have as yet neither been to the train station nor rode the Metro, not due to lack of desire, but due to lack of time. I expect to remedy at least one of these two things before I leave tomorrow afternoon.

Edit, 10:20: Added Google Maps link to the address of the IGA grocery.
Tags: anticipation, montreal

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