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Despite being able to sleep on the short flight from Montreal to Detroit, I wasn't at all sleepy on either the DTW-MSP or MSP-SFO legs of my return trip last night. I am consequently completely drained today and hope to go to bed very early and sleep for about twelve or fourteen hours. Thank goodness I could work from home today, particularly on account of the "Spare the Air" day called for today due to the heat.

At DTW, I had to change from the BC concourse to the main A concourse, walking through the tunnel where they appear to be trying to outdo the tunnel at O'Hare for the light and music show. I rather liked it. Not wanting to make the same mistake I made going the other way (with consequent blood-sugar penalty), I grabbed a quick bite at the Japanese restaurant on the A concourse before checking out the WorldClub there. It's also quite nice, and if I had a long layover at DTW, I'm sure I'd really enjoy relaxing there. In this case, I had 30 minutes, which was time to briefly check e-mail -- including answering a couple of messages from work. Noticing that there was a direct to SFO flight leaving about the same time as my MSP flight, I asked if it was possible to put me on it instead of sending me via MSP. They said no, that I had to stick with how the frequent-flyer ticket routed me.

After my brief sojourn in high-roller-dom, I beat feet down to my gate, where they were just about to board. Oddly, they have two DTW-MSP flights leaving within five minutes of each other. I assume it must be an equipment-balancing act. Once we were up in the air, I got out the computer and composed a document for work that I've been meaning to do but haven't had the time. Unlike the Delta flights from OAK and SLC, none of the ex-Northwest equipment on which I was flying had power outlets, but I did have 2 1/2 batteries (including the half-pack that fits in the CD-ROM drive bay) with me.

The connection at MSP was a little tight, but as it happens both my inbound and outbound flights were on the F concourse and only a few gates apart, so I actually had time to get a little snack and sit near the gate doing a brief recharge of the laptop before they called my flight.

I had hoped that I'd be tired enough to sleep on this long leg, but it was not to be. When it became clear to me that sleep was not coming, even in a first class seat with a very nice neck pillow, I gave up and got out the computer. First I processed and logged entries for the Hugo Logo contest that had come in over the weekend. (I couldn't upload them, of course, but I can log them and could set up what was needed to anonymize them for the judges' benefit, and confirm that what the entrants had submitted was readable.) Then I swapped the CD-ROM drive back in and started up Locomotion, which did have the useful effect of making 2 1/2 hours flying time (with one battery swap halfway through) go by more quickly.

At SFO, I was of course one of the first people off the plane, sitting in 2B as I was, but I expected to wait for a while for the bags. Not surprisingly, when I got to the carousel, they hadn't even listed my flight. Presumably they were still unloading bags back at the gate. But what was this? My two bags were sitting on the carousel all by themselves. I looked closely. Yes, those were my bags all right. I shrugged, picked them up, and headed for the parking shuttle.

I figure that what happened was that my bags got to DTW and they put them on the direct SFO flight, that being the final destination of the luggage. I wasn't allowed to take the direct flight, but my luggage did. Oh, well, it got me out of there fifteen minutes earlier than otherwise, and I needed it. I only wish I'd been as sleepy four hours earlier when we left MSP as I was driving home from SFO. Including a stop for a small amount of groceries -- I'd intentionally used up my perishables before leaving on this trip -- I got home about 1:30 AM and got to bed soon after that.

I still haven't unpacked much except things like the CPAP I needed to sleep last night. Maybe tomorrow.
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