Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to Work Again

After breakfast this morning, Lisa and I picked up more or less where we left off before I left last time I was here, tackling tree branches. Lisa had cleared away the tall pile of debris, but there was still the remnants of the fallen tree in the form of the stump, plus the piles of branches that needed cutting up. Lisa got the electric chainsaw and I got the splitting maul and wedges. For the next several hours, she sawed away at the stump and I used the maul and wedges to knock pieces off after she'd cut them partially. (The stub of the trunk is bigger than the chainsaw blade is long.) We managed to whittle the stub down to ground level. We then tackled a pile of smaller branches that she reduced to burnable lengths. I hauled two cartloads of branches and chunks of stumps to the woodshed. By then, it was lunchtime, so we walked to the Gingerbread House and bought some elk burgers. We're more tired than four hours work should have made us, for different reasons. Lisa can't sleep soundly because of her tinnitus. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.

Although the weather is good enough for working this afternoon, we're too beat to go back out there, I'm afraid. I might go haul one more load of branches to the wood shed, but that's about it. And we still are supposed to go buy groceries, which we did not do on the way from the airport yesterday on account of Lisa was falling-down tired and needed to get to bed.

On the bright side, I was able to clone the hard drive on my laptop again; this was the clone job that failed overnight Friday-Saturday and left me with an un-backed-up machine. I'm relieved that the clone failure went away, as working without backup is just asking for a hard drive failure.
Tags: lisa, mehama

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