Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Unclear on the Concept

I lately had reason to get a copy of one of my credit reports from one of the major houses. While most of the information on it is correct, there were a couple of minor errors. They had an address (in Texas!) for me that I've never had; indeed, I don't I've ever even been in Houston, let alone lived there. They also had a variation on my last name as an "also known as" or prior name, when it almost certainly is a typo by someone along the line, and it troubles me that the record seems to imply that I deliberately used that variation of my name. (The only variations that should ever happen is whether my middle initial happens to come along for the ride.)

I initiated a dispute to get the details corrected. They sent me an automatic message saying I needed to fax them copies of certain documents. I did so last week. This week, they sent me another message that is essentially a copy of the first, saying that I still need to fax them the stuff. This annoys me; besides, the originals of some of the material are in California and I won't get back there for two weeks. I went to their web site to try and send them a message saying, "Didn't you get the first copy?" The link from their e-mail to "check status of current dispute" only takes you to the front page of their dispute section, which does not have a link to the check-current-status screen. When I finally found the link to their check-status screen, it took me to a page that my browsers (both Firefox and IE; I checked both in case it was another case of our-site-only-supports-IE) tell me has an invalid security certificate.

You'd think a credit-reporting agency would know better than to do this sort of thing.
Tags: finance

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