Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bird Watching

There are a couple of bird feeders outside of Lisa's father's window; Lisa bought them for him as presents a few years ago, and there's some entertainment in watching the birds come to feed. When I'm here, I usually make sure the feeders are full; however, I'm reluctant to do so right now for several reasons:

1. It's spring, and there should be plenty of other available food for the birds elsewhere. During the snowstorms in December-January, it was a different story, and I kept the feeders full all the time.

2. There is an obnoxious blue jay (of the "California" type pictured in the linked article), that has taken to bullying all of the smaller birds off the feeders and monopolizing the food. That bird is getting so fat I don't know how it manages to take wing. This would be corrected by....

3. One of the feral cats that live on this property was hunched down in the tall grass ten meters or so from the feeder yesterday looking longingly at the bird feeder (which is about 1.5 meters off the ground). We don't want the cats catching birds; they should be out hunting mice instead.
Tags: mehama, wildlife

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