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My Eyes! My Eyes!

One of the things I got with my diabetes diagnosis was annual eye exams, as elevated blood sugar levels can affect your vision, and today was the day. The only part of this that I really dislike is having my pupils dilated. The reason I dislike it so is that for a couple of hours, I cannot read. This means I can't get any work done, and I can't read anything to keep my mind occupied.

Anyway, the results of the exam is that my eyes are fine, with no signs of any degeneration at all. (I do need to have an optometric exam because my current prescription is not quite cutting it. OTOH, I'm still pretty close to 20/20 in either eye -- the two eyes simply won't focus quite the same. In fact, I was able to read the 20/10 line with my left eye, but not quite with the right.) The doctor suggested that, thanks to the good control I seem to be maintaining with diet and exercise, that we go ahead and lengthen the exams from annually to 18-monthly.

As I wouldn't be able to get any work done anyway, I headed on home after the exam, stopping to do some grocery shopping. (I can see; I just can't read.) By the time I got home, my eyes had come back to where I could see things on the computer screen again if I made the type a little larger.

Unfortunately for me, I was handed a project yesterday with a fairly urgent deadline, so I'll need to work from home this evening to make up for the work that I otherwise would have done this afternoon. On the brighter side, I can work from home, and did not have to go in the office and sit around for an hour or two waiting for my eyes to refocus.

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