Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Computers Driving Me Crazy

Exchanging the 160GB desktop hard drive for a 250GB laptop hard drive at the same price (because the 250GB drive was on sale) was routine. In a few minutes I will try to clone my 120GB drive into the 250GB drive.

What has not been fun has been trying to figure out why one of Lisa's other computers refuses to save the settings for how new windows open. It's defaulting every new window to maximized. None of my other machines do this. I wouldn't even know how to make it do this. I've tried all of the variations on applying views to everything. I've increased the amount of window settings that XP can save. I've searched Google with every combination of words that seems vaguely useful, and mostly I end up with people wanting to force their new windows maximized -- bleah. I'm getting the feeling that there's something so badly hosed on that machine's registry file that I'm going to end up having to reinstall WinXP to make it work properly. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm going to set off the drive clone and then go away, maybe for the night. I really don't want to spend any more time looking at computers tonight if I can avoid it.
Tags: computers, lisa

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