Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Your Papers Pliz

My Google-fu is failing me at finding specific rules on the REAL ID Act. Lisa's doctor's office informed us yesterday of new REAL ID Act (a terrible law to begin with) requirements that took effect May 1 requiring government photo ID in order to obtain medical treatment. That's annoying enough, but I'm trying to find whatever the actual regulation is, and whether it requires medical providers to take photocopies/scans of such ID, or merely ask patients to show the ID every time they apply for treatment. The people sitting on the front lines at reception desks are unlikely to know the fine details of regulations of this sort and are only going to be told to do things one and only one way even if the rules allow other possibilities, and I want to be prepared when we go deal with them this afternoon. Lisa is feeling bad enough without someone insisting that they have to have a photocopy of her passport in order to do a hearing test.
Tags: lisa, medical, privacy
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