Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Way More Than My Money's Worth

I'm too tired to write about too much about it, but I had a great time tonight at the Giants game. Turnout for the game was sparse, so David Clark and I had room to spread out. The Giants got out to a lead, gave it up, looked like they were going to give up the game, and managed to pull off the dramatic comeback. And you couldn't make up the drama: Pablo Sandoval, who had earlier in the game tripped going around second attempting to stretch a double into a triple, came to the plate and hit a game-winning home run. The people behind us who went home in the seventh inning sure missed a lot!

I may not make any other Giants games this season, but this one was worth a whole lot to see in terms of entertainment value.
Tags: baseball

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