Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sporting Distraction

I had to set an alarm this morning so I'd be up in time to be part of the Prix Imaginales coverage. I awoke feeling poorly and realized that I'd picked up a bit of a sunburn from my walk yesterday afternoon. It's now sufficiently summer-like that I'll need to start wearing sunscreen when I go out for those walks, even with my floppy hat partially protecting my head and face.

Before the event this morning, I ran down to the Centerville Farmers Market where I wanted to pick up a few things, and that made me a few minutes late, but the coverage started late as well, so it evened out.

I moved my computer into the living room because there was an amazing tennis match going on at the Madrid Open (the Masters event that's a sort of a warm-up for the French Open). It was Nadal vs. Djokovic, in a match that ended up going more than four hours and that Nadal, after winning a second-set tie-breaker, trading service breaks in the third set, and facing several match points against him, managed to pull out an 11-9 win in the final set tie-breaker. And that's just the warm-up, with Del Potro taking on Federer in the second semi-final. I reckon both of them are hoping for a quick match, seeing as their opponent in the final will be coming off the longest match in ATP Masters history.

I reckon to be taking things fairly easy today, as I haven't had a lot of chances to do that, won't have an opportunity next weekend (BayCon), and there's a World Fantasy Con committee meeting tomorrow morning. I should probably go out for another walk later today, but this time I'll remember the sunscreen. And I'll probably wait until the evening, as we're set for pretty hot weather today. It will be worse inland, but it's still a good day to stay in the shade.
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