Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rebooting Star Trek

I went to see Star Trek: the IMAX Experience over in Dublin last night. Many thanks to dave_gallaher and dinogrl for picking me up and taking me. My thoughts are not especially spoilerish, but I'll put them behind a cut anyway.

It was an exciting, action-packed romp. I enjoyed all of the individual performances. I expect that it will have contributed some new catch-phrases. ("I like this ship! It's exciting") I'm sure it will continue to be a great success and will go on to spawn yet more sequels that will be eagerly awaited. But the film as a whole didn't really wow me the way it did many others. And while Star Trek has never been a model of scientific accuracy, there just seemed to me way too many cases of piling up additional deus ex machina plot elements for their own sake. It really felt to me that the creators took the attitude of, "What do you mean it needs to make sense? It's sci-fi! You just make up a solution whenever you have a problem, and it doesn't really need to be internally consistent as along as you make it loud and flashy enough."

The way in which they reboot the series does allow them to discard vast amounts of old continuity -- which admittedly wasn't particularly continuous anyway, having accreted too much material over the life of the franchise -- at the expense of adding much too powerful tools that will make future story-telling that much more difficult. Maybe they just plan to ignore anything inconvenient.

The various "tag-ups" to past continuity were appreciated, though, and I did like that they incorporated the Alexander Courage theme music into the closing titles.

I am alas feeling very crochety and old writing this. There's a lot to like about the film. I'm just a little bit left behind. Note that I don't resent anyone else enjoying it immensely. I'm not one of those boneheads who thinks that only their personal enjoyment is permissible, and that anyone who likes anything else is a poor deluded fool. And maybe Star Trek is a story-telling environment where it's best to accept that there are lots of different changes one can ring on the same characters, like the many different versions of the Tenchi Muyo universe, and that those various universes may be parallel to each other, but are not the same.
Tags: science fiction, star trek
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