Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Time

Today was a 2009 World Fantasy Convention meeting up in Oakland at the home of Sarah Goodman. Sarah has a wireless internet connection, so I was able to stay online during the meeting and even made a couple of simple corrections to the WFC2009 web site on the spot. For instance, we set the deadline for the current $125 memberships to be the end of August, at which time it goes to $150, and it will be $200 at the door in the unlikely event that there are any left. (WFC has a membership cap and usually sells out pre-con.) Changes like that are simple and I like being able to get them done quickly so that they don't get forgotten.

Thanks again to Glenn Glazer and David Gallaher for giving me a ride to and from the meeting. Now I'm staying inside out of the sun and the heat.
Tags: world fantasy con

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