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Kevin Standlee

BayCon Friday Evening

The wireless internet signal in the fan tables area at the Santa Clara Hyatt is very weak and intermittent, so I was unable to get online reliably. Blogging this weekend at BayCon may be reduced accordingly.

I got down to BayCon around 4 PM, registered at Program Ops without incident, and found the Fan Tables, which are on the second floor of the hotel at the top of the escalators. Sherri Benoun was already at Anticipation's table and had set up our banner, which I'd put in the poster tube with the Westercon SJ in 2011 bid posters -- SJ2011 is to the left of Anticipation's table, while Westercon 63 (Pasadena) is to our right. I brought the Worldcon kit from my van up to the table and we set up and talked to people about Worldcon for a couple of hours.

redneckotaku in particular will want to click through the cut for the pictures of our info table.

Here's our info table, set up with the Montreal and Canadian flags taped to the railing behind us so they can also be seen from the ground floor, because the second floor is a mezzanine looking out over an atrium.

I and Sherri Benoun staffed the table.

People who know me well know how unusual this is -- I'm wearing a t-shirt, not one of my usual collared polo shirts. I recently received my apg2011 t-shirt for the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 2011 Worldcon bid, and this is one of the few opportunities I would have to wear it in a useful situation.

After closing down the table a little after 6 and storing my stuff in my van, I discovered the game room, where I'm apt to spend too much of my time.

They have pinball machines. They have working pinball machines. I foresee many quarters being fed into The Addams Family machine in particular. To my annoyance, I had to leave a game on the machine in order to meet the group for dinner.

After going out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes -- at which I'd never actually eaten, although as I expected, it was similar to Fresh Choice -- it was time to hit the Friday night parties. (If anyone is wondering why I didn't list who I went to dinner with, it's because I forgot one of the names and I don't want to give offense by leaving anyone out.)

I was surprised and impressed that the entire party floor carpet was covered in protective film.

I loved this costume, and she was nice enough to let me take a picture.

You may find this difficult to believe, but this is the Fanzine Lounge. It's even more crowded than it looks -- I was standing on a chair to get a usable picture.

Yes, there are Fanzines in the Fanzine Lounge.

After climbing down from the chair, I chatted with fr_john for a while before swimming out of the crowded room and into the almost-as-crowded hallway.

I spent an enjoyable time sitting in the Westercon 63 Pasadena party for a while. We were able to open the window, which let fresh air into the room. The party rooms are very small here; for those of us used to the huge rooms at the Doubletree, it's a real letdown.

Final stop was the BASFA party, at the far end of the Party Floor from where I'd entered it.

The BASFA party, like most parties, was very crowded. I got a comment on how clever the bid artwork is. I spent a while here, but realized it was getting on for Midnight and tonight I'm commuting. (I'll spend Saturday/Sunday nights at the hotel.)

I would have gotten home sooner, but I let my feed carry me back to the Arcade, where I played several games and would have played more if I hadn't known I still had a 30 minute drive to get home. Resisting the urge for "just one more game," I headed home and uploaded the photos.

There are more photos (and eventually will be even more) on my BayCon 2009 Photo Set on Flickr.
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