Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More BayCon Photos

I have added more photos to the BayCon 2009 Photo Set, starting with this photo. Photos include costumes from people who came within camera range during the day and at the SJ2011 Westercon table, including this lovely gown, a great Bat-Group, a cute little Supergirl, and Miko as Agatha Hetrodyne from last the Cinderella story told in the last between-books interlude on the Girl Genius web site.

About 5:15, Glenn Glazer and I went to Costco to shop for party supplies for Westercon San Jose in 2011, and I helped carry stuff up to the room and set up the party, although I admit to bailing out for a while during set-up to go get something to eat. I spent most of the evening in the SJ2011 room, handing out stickers, keeping food and drink stocked, and talking to people about Westercon (and other things, of course). I did get out once and made a round of the other parties on the party floor, or at least those where I could get through the door. Things were crowded and loud. At least my own personal logistics were pretty simple. Unlike last night when I drove back to Fremont, I'm renting part of lisa_marli's room, which was right next door to the SJ2011 party room. Several people asked why we had a sleeping room on the party floor. I pointed out that under those circumstances, nobody was going to file a noise complaint against us, especially as there was a louder party next door. Mind you, although we had plenty of people through our party, we didn't have to worry much about noise compared to the other parties on the floor.

After we closed down around 1:30 or later, I brought the computer down to the lobby and took it to the Registration area, where the wireless network is actually solid, as opposed to 50 meters and one floor away at Fan Tables. I'm now sitting at one of the desks used for self-service registration during the day. This is the only time I have to get this stuff uploaded. I just waved to Miko carrying her costume out of the hotel. I wish I'd got a picture of her after she removed the hoop skirt. (Trust me, nothing X-rated; it was designed to be seen.)

Because it's so late and I'm so tired, this entry is almost certainly pretty disjointed and you can blame typos on my groggy state. I have no time to post photos inline here and comment them further, so I'm going to point you to the Flickr site, where I do have descriptions posted. If you're one of the people whose photos I took, I hope you like them and of course you can use them for yourselves. (I'd appreciate a photo credit if you pass them along or post them elsewhere.)
Tags: anticipation, baycon, san jose, westercon

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