Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

BayCon Sunday

I slept in on Sunday, and after breakfast, donned by WSFS uniform. After a turn through the Art Show and Dealers Room, I put in some time at Anticipation's table, but otherwise, today is a relatively easy day for me. I took photos of people in costume and at the SJ2011 table when I got a chance, and I updated my BayCon photo set starting with this one. Enjoy the photos!

Now I'm going to go put my computer away and maybe take in some of the parties. There are also more costumes out there that I'd like to photograph, but I'm uncertain whether I want to carry my camera around with me. And I can't stay out much more than midnight, on account of I need to be up and ready to go for a 10 AM panel on the future of Westercon.
Tags: baycon, costumes
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