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More Notes from Last Guest Con

I spent the afternoon hanging around the con suite here at Last Guest Con, and yes, smoffing. We had a spirited discussion about the difficulties of moving a con from a suburban location to a downtown one, a la OryCon moving from the Columbia River Hotel (which, as I think most of you reading this know, closed) to the downtown Marriott. While Lisa herself said that, given the available properties, she probably would have picked the Marriott as well, she feels that there is insufficient concern being paid to people for whom costs like parking are highly significant. I observed that most of us attending Last Guest Con are almost by definition "die hards" or "If you hold it, we will come," and therefore our own values are probably somewhat different than those people for whom Fandom Is Not A Way Of Life but a casual entertainment.

Another topic was the prospects for a future Seattle Worldcon. I think Seattle should seriously consider bidding, assuming they can work out a facilities agreement with the Convention Center and downtown hotels. (This assumes that the roadblock that scuttled the last Seattle bid has moved on to other job opportunities.) The big challenge -- and this is the same anywhwere these days -- is understanding that it's not a local convention with a committee solely consisting of people who live within easy mutual driving distance of each other. It is somewhat jarring if that's what you're used to doing if your committee consists of people from all over the world whom you only interact with by e-mail, IRC, telephone, etc.

From the schedule, I see that there is a casino scheduled for the late afternoon/early evening. Lisa and I are about to go check it out. Knowing me, there's a non-zero chance that I'll end up dealing a game rather than playing it.
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