Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Con Over, Man

One last costume shot added to my BayCon Flikr set:

I was quite taken by this couple, and particularly the woman's outfit, because she had the courage to wear the skirt as short as it was on the original series. Most people, in my observation, cut the skirt longer. Lisa tells me she went round and round with someone with whom she was working to get a similar outfit made -- this was before I met her, and I've never actually seen her in the dress -- with the person making it complaining that the skirt was way too short and Lisa saying, "No, it's not; the dimensions are right out of the Star Fleet Technical Manual. It's supposed to be that short!"

There was a good, room-filling turnout for the Feedback Session. Incidentally, when I first looked in this room, I thought to myself, "This is the perfect size and physical setup for Match Game SF. We could set up in here with minimal effort."

I sat on the floor in the back (except when I took the photos) and took advantage of the wi-fi working strongly to get caught up on my mail. Consequently, I wasn't listening all that hard to the feedback, but it didn't sound especially bad. Things do need fixing, and here's my hope that they continue to iron out the bugs in BayCon in its new home.

I mentioned in an earlier post that one thing they can't change is the small hotel rooms. There were oddities in the room design as well, including a style of bathroom sink I don't think I've ever seen before.

The bathroom sinks sit on top of the bathroom counter, rather than being sunk into the counter. I liked the raised sink with its large area, but it was just a bit odd.

As before, there are more photos than what I show on my LJ on the Flickr set.

After running out of quarters in the game room, I wandered over to the bar and sat and talked with kproche, bovil, Tadao Tomomatsu, and Christine Doyle. After realized that I really needed to get fed, I headed over to the Coco's for the regular Monday BASFA meeting, where the topic of the night was both BayCon and FanimeCon. There were a bit over 2000 people attending BayCon and reportedly more than 17,000 at FanimeCon, but both could be considered successful events within their own spheres -- size isn't the only measure of success of a genre convention, after all.

After BASFA, I stopped back by the hotel because it wasn't too far out of the way. I got there just as the Dead Dog Party was opening, but it was, as traditional, Staff Only for what was described as "fifteen minutes." I went and sat in the lobby and discussed conventions with Tom Galloway and Kevin and Andy for more than half an hour. When the Dead Dog Party -- which was being held in the former gaming room -- showed no signs of opening, I decided that, it being after 10:30 PM, it was time to go home, and so I did.
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