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Some of you know that I directed two amateur Doctor Who productions back in the 1980s, and played The Doctor (Tom Baker incarnation) in the first of them, The Zombie Legions. For years, the only version I've had of this movie and its sequel, Those Darn Daleks, was on VHS video. Lisa finally found a video converter she could stomach and is in the process of converting the films to digital format. I have permission from my friend Rick Hallock, who produced the films, to distribute them.

Each of the two films is a three-part episode, done in the style of 1980s Doctor Who. YouTube doesn't allow uploads longer than ten minutes, and Google Video no longer accepts uploads at all. I'm trying Vimeo, which allows longer uploads, but also limits the amount you can upload per week. Each episode will use up most of a week's allowance, so I'll be releasing episodes as the service allows me to upload them.

So, in response to the requests, here comes the first part of my 1980s movie making:

The Making of The Zombie Legions (Short behind-the-scenes film about the production)

The Zombie Legions, Part 1
Tags: doctor who

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