Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Can Type Faster Than I Can Process Pictures

I have lots of photos and video from yesterday, but work is too busy for me to process and post them, which is unfortunate because I'm very pleased with it. I hope to get to it eventually. But here's a relatively brief update on things.

1. The tree-cutting company showed up to -- we thought -- cut down the Lesser Tree of Doom, which is a cedar tree on one corner of the property that is looming over the neighbors. The workers pointed out that the contract said "maple tree on fence line," which indeed it did. Somehow, neither I nor Lisa nor her father realized that the sales manager for the tree company had been looking at the wrong tree all along. No wonder the price was so low. Lisa's father said to go ahead and cut down the maple tree anyway and we'll figure out what to do with the cedar later. They spent a couple of hours on it, and I actually managed to get video of when they dropped the main body of the tree after they chipped most of the branches. They dumped the chips in the "coal seam," and cut the trunk up into sort-of manageable pieces, but it will be a while before Lisa and I will have the time to start hacking the pieces down to burnable wood. And it's certainly not $725 worth of firewood, or rather, if it is, I'd love to sell firewood at those prices.

2. One of Lisa's cousins has a line on a company that is interested in removing the giant sequoia if they can have the tree, even-up. That's a net win for us because the tree-cutting company quoted $4000 to cut it down and reduce it to firewood-sized pieces, and redwood really isn't very good firewood because it generates so much dust. However, we've had to put that off for a few months because Lisa isn't in a position to move the trailer for a week, that being what she'd have to do in order to give the workers time to cut down the tree. We certainly can't have the trailer sitting under the tree while they're cutting branches. It's going to be hard enough for them to remove it without damaging the old house. Lisa is slightly worried that her father might do something silly like call in the workers while we're away at Montreal, which could be catastrophic.

Whether the same tree company might be interested in dropping the cedar tree under the same terms -- "we cut it, we take it away" -- remains to be seen. Aside from the technical problem of making the tree fall one way and not the other, there's plenty of space in which that cedar can be dropped without a problem.

3. After lunch yesterday, Lisa and I walked over to John Day Park, which is about 2 km from the house, and I remembered to take the camera. I could have spent the whole afternoon there shooting wildlife and scenery photos and video, but I did need to get back to work. However, I did get some shots about which I'm very happy (assuming they turn out the way I think they will), including video of one of the beavers in the ponds at the park swimming around with a family of geese in the foreground.

Photos and video someday when I have time. Meanwhile, I must get back to designing large-scale distribution models for a potential huge client. I'm worried because Lisa and I are supposed to go to Seaside this weekend for the Sea-Pac radio show, but I may end up having to spend the whole weekend in the hotel room on the computer working on this project.
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