Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Power Outage

This afternoon, a severe thunderstorm moved through the area. We knew it was coming and made sure the various battery backups and suchlike were in place. The worst of the storm moved through and we though we were okay when the power went out. Although Lisa's father's computer room is all hooked up to a large battery backup set, the connection to the DSL provider also failed (I assume the provider also lost power), so I simply shut everything down and went back to the trailer. We have batteries there as well, and Lisa had switched the refrigerator to propane. (After the last sustained power failure we had when the propane wouldn't come up, we now test the 'fridge on propane on the first day of each month, so we'd run it on propane just recently.) Really, aside from no internet connection, things were pretty good, really.

After the power did not come back on after an hour but the weather got better, Lisa and I went into Stayton for some supplies we've been meaning to pick up for several days now. Power was out about a third of the way to Stayton, but was on in town, although there were signs that it had failed earlier in the day. Returning back to Mehama, we saw that power was still out, and it was also out across the river in Lyons.

In putting our groceries away, we took the "overflow" perishables (those that don't fit in the trailer's refrigerator) over to Lisa's father's house to store in the refrigerator in his RV. That 'fridge, unlike ours, is supposed to automatically switch to propane when the power fails. However, it had not, because all three of the RV's batteries (one for the motor and two for the RV "hotel" power) were flat. Lisa would have started the RV's inboard generator, but the batteries were too flat to fire it off. So the rest of the afternoon was spent hauling around the small portable generator, which Lisa connected to try and get the engine battery to the point where it would start the RV, and that in turn could be used to get the onboard generator running. After an hour of this, we were getting nowhere, but the utility power came back on. Lisa disconnected the generator -- and her small pickup truck, which she'd also brought around and connected by jumper cables to try and get things moving again -- and looked for the large battery charger, which has gone missing. We'll need to either find it or get a new one next week. Lisa wasn't too happy about the whole thing.

With the power back on and the internet connection solid again, I fired up my computer again. To my annoyance, the wired connection to the network won't stay up any more. I'm not sure why, and Lisa, who knows how it's all wired, was too cold and wet and tired -- I didn't want to disturb her. Fortunately, the wireless connection still works. We'll get the network problem solved later. I can still work, and that's a good thing.
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