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The Dog is Nearly Dead

After my last post, I went to the Chaps room, where the historical exhibits of past Hyatt/Quality Inn/Radisson-based cons were on display. (For several years, the hotel was split in two, with one wing being a Quality Inn. I stayed there once, and not for a con, but from a trip to Seattle that Lisa and I made for tourism. Not a happy weekend; someone broke into Lisa's van and stole my briefcase. But I digress.) The other half of the room was the "casino night," which was a do-it-yourself affair. I ended up helping organize a Texas Hold-Em tournament. Alas, not enough people were willing to play for money; not even $5. So we played for fun, but that changes the dynamics.

Lisa turns out to be a decent player, at least under these circumstances, and ended up winning the tournament. (No prize except pride of course.) The evening was still young, so we put out a call for another tournament and got a full table of ten people. Big blind progression was 2/4/10/20/50/100 (every 20 minutes), with people getting 205 in starting chips. At just the 2/4 level, mayhem erupted. Five players were eliminated on the same hand. It took about ten minutes, it seemed, to work out all of the side pots, but in the end it didn't matter, as the same person won all of them. I was one of the people eliminated. My "wheel" (A-2-3-4-5 straight) lost to a 3-4-5-6-7 straight -- and one of the other eliminated players had a "wheel" as well. I would have bailed out of the hand, except that I was the one who pushed the action with a big bet and found myself pot-committed. Oh, well.

I stuck around and acted as tournament director until they were down to two players, but realized that it was getting on to 11 PM and I had not had anything significant to eat since about Noon. Bad Boy. I went and found Lisa, who had gone back to the room shortly after the first tournament, and we went down to Denny's for a late dinner.

Tomorrow morning is the "Survivors' Brunch," and then it will be done; the final chapter in a significant piece of Pacific Northwest fannish history.
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