Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Oregon Wildlife

A couple of days ago, Lisa and I walked over to the park in Lyons and I took the camera. When I get a chance, I will post a series of photos, but for now, here are two videos from the park.

First, while starting to shoot video of a family of geese sitting on the shore of one of the ponds in the lake, Lisa pointed out that there was a beaver swimming around just beyond them, so I quickly changed focus:

I took other photos of the ducks, geese, and other wildlife and scenery in the ponds, including a couple that Lisa is anxious for me to post, but I need to get back to work because we need to leave early this afternoon if we're going to get out to Seaside at a decent hour. These are definitely beaver ponds, by the way -- there are several beaver ponds, and this section of the park actually has a sign marked "Beaver Addition." I'm glad this video turned out, because all of the still photos I shot of the beaver were "missed it by that much," taken as the beaver dove out of view.

Later, we walked around through the campsite area of John Day Park and I shot this video of the stretch of the North Santiam River that runs along the park. Keep in mind that this is less than a 2 km walk from our place in Mehama, although you would have a hard time telling so from the immediate surroundings here.

Lisa, listening to the rushing water here, sighed wistfully and said it almost drowns out the tone in her ear. She thinks she might come over here more often and sit and read, just to have some peace, if we can't find something to stop the noise.
Tags: mehama, oregon, wildlife

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