Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Seaside in the Morning

This morning I allowed myself an extra 90 minutes sleep before dragging out of bed to checking the e-mail. Fortunately, there were no emergencies, and while I still have work to do, I can put off some of it until later. Lisa was trying to get some sleep, so I went downstairs and brought breakfast up from the breakfast bar after getting my e-mail.

I took some photos out the window of our hotel room, which overlooks the river that bisects Seaside.

The Seaside Convention Center is across the river here. On a previous trip, Lisa and I rented one of the paddle boats you can see here in the river and spent an energetic hour paddling up and down the river and getting sunburned. Despite the overcast, the chance of sunburn for me remains, particularly as the clouds tend to burn off in the afternoon, so I applied sunscreen just in case for when we go walking around the town.

Other photos to the north and south of our hotel are on my newly-created Seaside set on Flickr

In a couple of minutes, after I take my blood test, we're about to head over to the convention. Other people were more eager to attend and were hanging around before the doors opened.

Lisa is waiting for me, so I'd better get my shoes on and get ready to go.
Tags: lisa, seaside

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