Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

They Roll the Sidewalks Up At Night

Lisa and I did head down to the "Ten Tiny Tees" indoor miniature golf course, and it turned out that we were the last players on the course before closing. We probably would have been done fifteen minutes earlier, but there was a group of four people playing very slowly in front of us. We probably should have asked if we could play through, but instead we just kept playing the holes multiple times until the next hole opened up. Consequently, we played every hole at least three times. Lisa and I are pretty quick players, you see. We did only count the first time through each hole, and ended up with a final score tied at 26, six strokes over par.

Now it was time to find something for dinner. Unfortunately, most places to eat here in Seaside seem to shut down at 9 PM, even on a Friday. Fortunately, the Lil' Bayou next door to the Holiday Inn Express is open until 10 PM, and didn't look cross-eyed at us when we asked to be seated at 9:35 PM. (Some restaurants act like they'd rather not seat anyone in the last hour before they close.) We were the last customers of the evening. I had the red beans and rice, but Lisa, who still really hasn't recovered from that meal at Spirit Mountain yesterday, had a salad. I found it a much better meal and far better value than last night's dinner. I'd like to come back here again, as there were several other things on the menu I would have liked to try.

They even offered us the dessert menu, even though it was after 10 PM. We were too full, but we did thank them for not begrudging us the time. Mind you, business is sufficiently slow around these parts that they are probably grateful for the custom.

We made one more lap through downtown, including one more try at playing a pinball machine at the Funland Arcade. Like the first machine, this one was partially broken, so we gave it up as a bad job and walked back to the hotel.

At the hotel, we were delighted to discover that while one set of pool signs say they close at 10 PM, it turns out that the pool/spa/sauna are open 24 hours, and the 10 PM cut-off is because children are prohibited after that hour. That meant we could go take a swim, soak in the hot tub, and bake a bit in the sauna without being surrounded by a gaggle of screaming children. We enjoyed it, but Lisa couldn't stay in the sauna long at all. It wasn't the heat, but the silence. Whenever it gets quiet, the tinnitus gets so demanding that it rapidly unnerves her. As long as she can keep lots of noise around her, it's not as bad, but if you want to drive her round the bend, put her in a completely quiet room with no way to generate any sound.

Now we are winding down before going to bed. I wish I could be up for the Ditmar Awards live coverage, but if I'm doing my time zones right, it's at 4 AM PDT. And on the other end of the time zone shift, I'd like to watch the French Open men's final, but that starts at 6 AM PDT. I might see part of it, but if I do not because I slept in, it's not going to kill me.
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