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Winding Up Sea-Pac 2009

This morning, after I watched the final set of the French Open tennis and after Lisa and I had breakfast, I explained to Lisa that I'd had a remarkably high overnight fasting blood sugar. (166! An immediate retest showed 135, so maybe the first one was a mistake, but that's still 35 points too high.) I needed to get out and walk for a while after eating.

Lisa was concerned that what I wrote yesterday about the badge she made for Kuma Bear sound like she was forging badges or that Sea-Pac's badges were merely completely blank pieces of cardboard, and took a couple of photos in evidence to the contrary.

Here I am with Kuma Bear sitting at the work table in the bedroom of our suite in the Holiday Inn Express in Seaside. If you look closely, you can see the difference between my membership badge and Kuma's.

This is my badge in close-up. Note that what I got when I paid my $10 was the blank card with nothing on it. Lisa used her label-maker to make an easily-readable badge, and we inserted the badge into the clear plastic folders strewn across the registration tables.

Before going back to the convention center, Lisa stopped and attached the extra spring we bought yesterday to help keep the throttle from sticking open. We then walked to the convention center and made a final pass through what was left of the commercial and flea market tables. Lisa found and bought a few more odd connectors people were selling. This is a good event for finding odd bits here and there. We checked, but hadn't won anything in the 9 AM door prize drawings.

Then we walked down to the Seaside Promenade and down onto the beach. It was low tide, and the clammers were out digging energetically. Lisa and I walked along the tide line and asked one of them if he was having any luck. He displayed a bag with four or five clams that he'd extracted. I went clamming in this area (up on Long Beach) exactly once, when I was a teenager, but I remember the excitement of finding clam-sign, sticking my clamming tube in the area, pulling up a cylinder of sand, and finding a clam in it. I also remember the hassle of cleaning not only my clams, but those of everyone else in our party, but it did (much later) make me appreciate my seafood dining better.

After a bit of time on the beach, we went back to the convention center, where the final prize drawings -- must-be-present this time -- were happening. I would have liked to have stayed to see if I won anything else, but I still hadn't showered (or taken my blood test), and had forgotten to ask for late check out, so we had to abandon all hope of winning the big LCD TV that was the grand prize. I guess those grapes were sour anyway we wouldn't have been able to fit it into the pickup even if we'd won it.

Rushing back to the hotel, I hopped into the shower as Lisa began to pack things up. She also went back to the convention center to drop off our plastic badge holders so that they could be recycled for use next year. As I was getting dressed, the phone rang. I picked it up and told the front desk -- I knew it must have been them -- that we were running a little late and would be out by noon. They said that was fine.

Then I shut down the computer and started breaking down my CPAP and packing my bags. Lisa went downstairs and got a cart from the front desk. Unlike a fancy hotel, the carts are self-service; also unlike a fancy hotel, you don't have to go through a song and dance with the front desk to get a self-service cart. After getting our stuff out of the room, we moved it to the pickup. While Lisa secured the pickup for transit, I returned the cart, got a parting coffee from the breakfast bar, and told the front desk clerk how much we liked this particular Holiday Inn Express, and it's true. If you're traveling the Oregon coast and need to stop near Seaside, I do recommend this property as an excellent midrange property offering good value for the money. Our weekend room cost about $130/night, which included breakfast. The internet service was rock-solid on the wired line. (I never tried the wireless, not having any need for it.) The pool is open all night. The breakfast bar was pretty well stocked, and they always had carry-out trays. (Some HIX properties forbid you to take breakfast back to your room, insisting you must eat it in the breakfast room, which inevitably in such cases has insufficient seating for the number of people who want to eat there -- possibly this is a scheme to discourage their guests from actually using the breakfast bar.)

With all secured, we bade good-bye to Seaside and set a course north to Long Beach, where we planned to have lunch and an afternoon of pinball.
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